Changes in Delhi Farm Houses Law in the form of LDRA

The time has arrived where we no longer have to feel envious of the amazing farm houses or country homes that UK and US have. Our own Delhi is coming up with revised plans for farm houses or now called as LDRA (Low Density Residential Area). The notification for this plan came up in June 2013 but in the recent months, it has started to pick up popularity due to massive curiosity around Land Pooling Policy (LPP). The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has brought both LDRA and LPP in Delhi for a better housing opportunities to the people. The changes made are included in the Master Plan Delhi (MPD) 2021.

According to the notification passed by the government, there are a couple of reasons why farm houses have been renamed as LDRA. First of all, in the urban extension of Delhi, the farm houses were made in those areas where ground water have been depleted so much so that high density population may not be feasible. Also, for environmental factors, these areas do not support high density of people as there might be heavy load on civic infrastructure such as water supply, roads, sewage lines, parking etc.


Thus, renaming farmhouses to Low Density Residential Areas seems just and practical. In the coming developments, the term LDRA will define the new era in Delhi for country homes.

There is a list of 47 villages in the green belt area of Delhi where LDRP (Low Density Residential Plots) will be permitted. It is now the solution for people to live lavishly as the new provisions are highly in support of it.

  • Decrease in the minimum area for a farmhouse – Previously, where at least 2.5 acres of land was a minimum requirement, now an LDRA can be located in as small as 1 acre. Thus, people having smaller plots can now think of such spectacular houses.
  • Increase in construction area – This is a much bigger relief for people looking to own a farmhouse as now one can construct a maximum of 8712 sq. ft. as against the previous permission of a meagre 1000 sq. ft. of construction.
  • It will come in Delhi’s Jurisdiction – The one thing which makes it a real comparison with mansions of US is that these LDRAs will be located in Delhi. It won’t be in Gurgaon or on the outside of Delhi’s periphery. Coming in the municipal limits of Delhi and away from the urban city, it has one of the perfect location for anybody to own a farmhouse.
  • Unbelievably Low Price – In Delhi, the current farm houses are mainly in South Delhi and Greater Kailash, where the prices are not less than 50 crores for a house. Even, a flat or an apartment in South Delhi costs somewhere around 10-15 crores. A common man’s dream doesn’t even dare to think of a fulfilment at such a high price. But now, a real golden practical chance is coming as the prices of LDRA are as low as 3-5 crores. In the future, it will be close to the Delhi Smart City in the plushest zone of Delhi.
  • Therefore, Delhi is giving a chance to everyone to own a bungalow where your coming many generations could enjoy the work you do now. One should be vary of the fact that these LDRA are limited in quantity, unlike LPP’s 2.5 million houses. Thus, quick decision making is the need of the hour to get the deal of a lifetime. The authority has understood Delhi’s problem for large houses and has made provisions to make swimming pools, multipurpose basements and many other things for a complete mansion for you. It is also highly profitable for investing purpose as experts are of the view that 3 to 5 times return could be expected until the completion of MPD-2021.

So, the Delhi government is providing a good chance to people who are thinking of owning a bungalow. However, one should keep in mind the fact that these LDRA are limited in quantity. So, a quick decision must be made for getting the deal of a lifetime. The authority has also made provisions for making swimming pools, multipurpose basements and various other things for making it the complete mansion. The project is also highly profitable as experts believe there could be higher returns at the end.